°SensoRed® Pan


°SensoRed® Pan



The innovative °SensoRed® frypan is equipped with a novel thermo-sensitive nonstick sealing, and indicates the ideal frying temperature by the changing color of the entire inner surface. While the cold Marsala-colored frying surface is covered with much darker speckles, the frypan sealing increasingly changes color as it heats up, until it is as dark as the speckles. Eventually, the speckles are hardly visible. As soon as this happens, it means that the frypan has reached the ideal temperature and the frying can begin.Thanks to the cookstar all-stove base it is suitable for all types of stoves, including induction stoves. The ergonomic shape of the comfort handle ensures that it can be gripped with ease and that it is well-suited also for smaller hands.

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  • For gas stoves
  • For electric stoves
  • For electric stoves - glass ceramic
  • For induction stoves
  • CookStar all-stove base


Art.No.: 157-303-20-100/0



20 cm


Art.No.: 157-303-24-100/0



24 cm


Art.No.: 157-303-26-100/0



26 cm


Art.No.: 157-303-28-100/0



28 cm



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